Tail Light Tinting

So you just your got windows tinted and something is still missing from the look of your vehicle. Another way to add style and set your vehicle apart from all the other cars on the road is to tint your tail lights! Check out the pictures below to see some examples of how tail light film looks after installed.  The best part is that the tail light film is removable in the event that you sell your vehicle or need it removed for any reason.  This film can be applied to most vehicles but not all vehicles.  Pricing varies for different models so give us a call at (951) 387-9318 for a price quote and to see if your vehicle is one that can have tail light tint installed. 

Tail Light Tint (After) - Cool Comfort Window Tinting

Some headlights are able to be tinted as well. Just keep in mind, it will darken your view at nighttime.  

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